Public Speaking and Leadership

Introducing EnergySpeak®, a technique that catapults you above your competition every time! Be the best as a Public speaker, Presenter, Interviewer and Leader. Claim the dynamic you consistently.

Learn fail-proof techniques developed by an acclaimed speaking coach.

When you face your audience…
…does public speaking fear show its ugly head?
…is public speaking anxiety your friend or foe?
…are you truly connecting and motivating?
…does their attention stray?
…does your nervousness undermine your message?
…are you seeking positive responses?
…are you “natural” and captivating?
…are you leading your audience?

If you are looking to triumph over any of the above, then you have arrived at the perfect place!

We welcome you to a unique and scientific protocol for leaders, speakers, trainers, and presenters who wish to inspire their associates, engage their clients, captivate their audience, exceed their goals and lead their company into record-breaking profits.

Fun and exciting public speaking courses and personal coaching for company officers, senior executives, employees and anyone who seek being their best. Our EnergySpeak® technique is unique and our methodology insure exciting and profound results. Speakers, leaders, salespersons, customer service reps, supervisors and anyone who presents, leads, persuades and communicates with others, in person, by email, on the telephone and in any way, receives predictable and inevitable results after having this life-changing training. And a bonus is reducing fear of public speaking! All this through EnergySpeak!

We are living in a age of technology that gives marketing a whole new thought process. It will require you to be in a video at some point in your career. With the advantages of video marketing, YouTube and Social Media have to offer for service and product awareness, it’s paramount that your visual presence be the best and more aptly, dynamic. Be prepared to be captured on film at some point in your career. Have the skill and confidence to meet the challenge when the camera is rolling. Have a winning presence when it’s your time to be in a video clip. Have the skill of EnergySpeak® and fear no more. Be prepared!

Our clients testify that our training positively changes how their peers respond to them. These leadership and speaking techniques are proven to be empowering and a definite insurance for a very successful career path.

Learn how to draw praise and rewards for dynamic performances consistently. Take a tour of your personal control room and learn how to take command of your levers, switches, buttons and communication tools to reach your peak performance every time!

Armed with these powerful, proven techniques for building self confidence and capturing dynamic leadership skills, you and every member of your organization turn into dynamic individuals. A company is as strong as the individuals who work for it and Theatre Techniques for Executives has a proven track record for transforming companies into a dynamic and a highly productive culture.

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Served: American Society of Training & Development, Women In Film of Atlanta, National Association of Sales and Marketing Executives and the National League of American Pen women-Atlanta Branch

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