Energy Plays a Major Part in Successful Interviews


Keynote Speaker, Luanne White, reaches out to the unemployed by giving tips on how to have winning job interviews.  Audiences get usable, life-changing information they can employ immediately as she takes them on a unique tour of  their “personal control room”. Everyone has a base of power they can work from and EnergySpeak is one everyone is born with. It is the mother of Performance Energy which is vital to our success!

As stated in an article from Nancy Austin of 1099 who also quoted Ms. White, Ms. Austin writes, “…performance energy is a potent, authentic, and creative force. When you’re working from performance energy, you’re in the zone. That’s an exalted place to be, but it can be devilishly hard to locate. It’s an equation that White claims is deeply encoded into our “cellular memory,” like a system file on your computer’s hard drive. “Now, as adults,” she says, “when we’re trying to make a sale or give a presentation, our cellular memories tell us to keep it low, keep it down,” which, unfortunately, is the perfect shortcut to oblivion. “Can’t you just hear it — ‘Who do you think you are, missy?’ ‘Don’t brag!’ ‘Be modest.’ But the thing is, we’ve confused conceit with confidence,” White says, and that’s a crime.”

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