Energy Speaks! Energyspeak® is the base of
all languages and once learned gives you,
the user, the greatest advantage.

You will…

Discover . . . EnergySpeak!
Energy speaks loud and clear! You will learn to use energy as you never have before–just as fine actors do. Actors are trained to use verbal and non-verbal energy. Their practical application of energy gives them presence, believability and impact. Acting, contrary to what many people believe, is not an outside activity you put on like a coat. Fine actors don’t pretend to feel an emotion and put it on. They are trained in the process of feeling that emotion in a real and true manner. Therefore we believe them.

Basic to our Peak Dynamics course are two uses of non-verbal energy. The use of a performance energy level–a very high energy level which is creative, not nervous energy–directly influences your visibility. You can have the most wonderful company in the world and be representing the most marvelous product. You can be sincere and full of integrity. But . . . if you are not visible above your competition (and above the information with which people are being bombarded every day), you might as well save your breath. High visibility is critical to successful performance.


Discover . . . Language !
The non-verbal language is the universal language of communication. It is based in our energy. A command of this language will save time, boost efficiency, enhance image, build production and end conflict and intimidation in the workplace. And this is just the beginning of what it does.

The non-verbal language is the most powerful language we have. The verbal language merely enhances and colors it. If an individual doesn’t know how to speak the non-verbal language, he/she is not communicating to his/her full potential.


— Why? —


Because an audience, be it one or five thousand, hears only seven percent of what you say. Seven percent isn’t a whole lot of impact, is it? Three percent of that audience’s impression of you is formed by what you look like (unless you look somehow extreme and wear bubbles to the boardroom and feathers to the financier). An all important ninety percent of an audience’s impression of you is formed by how well you speak the non-verbal language.

Discover . . . Leadership!
Performance Energy is the base dynamic of leadership. Think about that for a moment. When have you ever seen a highly effective leader with low energy? It doesn’t happen.

Again, when we’re talking about Performance Energy, we’re talking about an extremely high energy level that is creatively based. Not nervously based. At Theatre Techniques for Business People®, we train people to turn nervous energy into creative energy. Where would an Olympic athlete be if he/she were a jangled piece of raw nerve? Nowhere. Olympic athletes all over the world know the value of this lesson.

In essence, we are training you to be an Olympic athlete. But instead of the triathlon, you will be trained in the dynamic art of peak performance as it applies to business.


But what does this have to do with leadership? Just this–good leaders don’t work from a base of fear, they work from a base of power. They want every individual in the company to be as strong and dynamic as they can be because it ultimately means more revenue for everyone. Both the company and the individual win. And good leaders aren’t afraid because they know they have the skills to inspire and motivate everyone around them.


Leadership skills are born out of the non-verbal language. You can learn to speak it well.


The information presented in our courses is unique to our corporation alone. It is the access key to every business and training program you’ll ever take. If you’ve taken other courses, you may have gotten good information but you don’t have it all. Not by a long shot. Theatre Techniques for Executives® will give you what you’ve been missing.

Want the bottom line? Expect these results

Total communication
Higher visibility
Personal power
Absence of fear

No conflict, no intimidation
Win-win-win situations
Increased production
Peak performance

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