Our Mission

Theatre Techniques for Executives® is dedicated to the development of each person’s dynamism while preserving the individual’s uniqueness and natural personal style and to insure the best performance possible for their success.

We believe in the incredible potential of the individual to be anything he or she wants to be. We also believe that you have to have awareness and knowledge to get there. Only until you have awareness of the principles at hand and a knowledge of the facts do you, indeed, have power to control the moment. And this is certainly the core of our philosophy: to put power of the moment into your hands. Be a dynamic leader, public speaker or presenter.

A lifetime of experience, research and development brings these proven techniques to individuals and companies who will accept only the best for themselves and their organization.

We are delighted to share these life-changing tools with corporations and persons who want this innovative knowledge. It is our mission to marry people to their potential–to take them on a tour of their control room and introduce them to all the tools they have readily available to them. The recipient benefits with increased productivity, the understanding of how to maximize the differences in individuals learning styles and deliver clearer and more engaging communication, consistently.

We encourage training and we support follow-up coaching until the desired results are realized.