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(MELBOURNE–FL: Energy soars, sparks fly and audiences applaud. And that’s just for openers. We’re not describing a laser show or an Apollo lift-off at Cape Kennedy. This is a common occurrence in the classroom of Theatre Techniques for Executives, LLC™ and their Peak Dynamics training. Their specialty is connecting people to their potential.

“We show people how to reach their potential and claim it. Everyone has a level of performance and a potential that, in most cases, is lying dormant. We show people how to connect their inner wires and reach their potential on demand.” says Luanne Faulkender, President of Theatre Techniques for Executives,™. Ms. Faulkender brings vast experience from theater and film to the boardroom and the corporate world in the form of a profound training program called Peak Dynamics. “We give people the ‘How to’ for their ‘The Best That I Can Be’ quest. Simply put, this training is for everyone who comes in contact with people, including presenters, salespeople, managers, negotiators, customer service representatives, administrators, supervisors, leaders, receptionists, secretaries, trainers, Presidents and CEO’s of small and major companies.”

The people and companies that have been trained by Theatre Techniques for Executives are as diverse as business itself. All are wildly enthusiastic about their learning experience and all declare the fix is permanent. Stacey Cost, Director of Headquarters Marketing of BellSouth Cellular states “I highly recommend Peak Dynamics! Increased productivity, positive teamwork and the attainment of goals are just some of the benefits… Participants have personally experienced increased confidence, recognition and promotions. The work sticks and the change is positive and permanent.”

The IT and PC industries have learned that this training catapults them into positive visibility. With the explosion of technology and its highly competitive market, personal communication skills seem to have been placed on the back burner. However, many technology gurus are rediscovering it’s importance and the impact it truly has on their audiences.

Greg Provenzano, President & CEO, Insight Electronics states “My last presentations have been much better as I channel and project my energy… it’s true people take notice when I use these profound techniques!” and Ken Clifford, an executive of Siebel exclaimes, “I received positive feedback on my presentations today – a positive indicator. There was very real improvement and glimpses of freedom. This might sound strange, but our work in Atlanta helped wake a part of me up; revealing my potential. It was really extraordinary and the lessons are more profound than I could have imagined… a real benefit/payback.”

Ms. Faulkender adds, “To quote one of our clients, Marvin Ingram, President of Firstworld Travel of Atlanta says it so aptly, ‘It’s a highly academic, highly structured and scientific protocol that gives not only predictable, but inevitable results.’ Two years after taking the training, Mr. Ingram called us to say, ‘I have come light years in the past two years thanks to Peak Dynamics. I feel so strongly about the value of your course that I recommend it to virtually everyone. Whether they are in careers, or not, does not matter. You come to realize that you can control the way people respond to you. I’m glad I was on your mailing list two years ago!’ He says his only regret is that he didn’t have this information twenty years ago!”

One of the hats Ms. Faulkender wears is Director of Marketing. She developed a slogan for the company that reads “Claim your potential! Capture your audience, engage your clients, inspire your associates, exceed your goals and lead your company into record breaking profits!” White adds, “This training is so profound and so powerful that the hardest part of my job is to reach business people by writing copy that doesn’t sound like puffery or untruth. And when our clients call after taking this course and expound on their successes and tell stories of how the Peak Dynamics course has changed their lives, it’s hard not to write copy with an exclamation point after every word!”

“Performance energy is the base dynamic of leadership” Ms. White says, “And if you are going to consistently lead people to take the action you want, you need to know all the tools you possess and how to use them on a conscious level.”

Energy is such an integral part of their science that Ms. White says she incorporated the word into their web site address and domain name: Energy speaks! It is a universal language that transcends cultural and regional languages. Everything this company teaches is based on specific uses of energy. Formerly known as Theatre Techniques for Executives, LLC.™, it was sparked through her experience in the theater and film industries. She has appeared in plays, films, and television productions, such as In the Heat of the Night, I’ll Fly Away, and Season In Purgatory. She is also presently writing a book on this unique communication technique.

Encouraged by friends and associates, Faulkender decided to put the workshop on the road, making it available to individuals and corporations around the world.

“I come from a background of varied careers — Acting, modeling, advertising, finance, marketing and sales, commercial real estate, business consulting, etc.”, White explains. “I have an equivalent of a Ph.D. in ‘Multiple Careers’,” she jokingly adds. “But one career transcends them all and that is the performing arts. Since the opening of the company in 1993, I have utilized everyone of them. I remember when it wasn’t politically correct to have such a varied background. In today’s climate and working with many industries, it’s a definite asset.”

Ms. Faulkender also is owner of Act Now Acting Academy, an acting school that draws students as far away as Paris, France.

Theatre Techniques for Executives have a wide range of training programs tailored for corporations and individuals. Check them out at or call (770)-913-0400.