Training Workshops

Years ago, our company discovered the marvelous connection between business and the dynamics of engagement that actors use in their craft. Through our research and development, we acquired and expanded this unique protocol and methodology to teach this very specialized training to business people and corporations around the world.

The dynamics of skillful communication transcends all careers and is paramount in all aspects of business and personal relations and to that end, we tailor-make training programs that meet and exceed the needs and goals of corporations globally.


All our programs include profound training of communication tools that elevate the individual to reach his/her peak performance in all situations.

Corporate in-house training is a two or three day hands-on workshop specifically designed for top leaders who want to roll up their sleeves and learn extraordinary leadership and motivation tools that will thrust their company beyond their competition with the leading edge. For optimal results, training starts with senior management, department heads and department groups.

Advanced programs are designed to take individuals to their optimum performance in all facets of their communication demands. Mastering the technique and refining the performance to reach their peak performance level are the goals of this intense class. Review, filming of presentations, critique and coaching play strong in this program.

Private or Group Coaching: You or your group will excel in your skills with an excellent coaching program. Even a Gold Medal Winner has a coach and coaching is the method to reach peak performance in anything we do. You have a special event that you want to be your best? We work with you to claim your “Best Self” consistently while optimizing your time and schedule for coaching sessions as needed.

Legal professionals: The Legal Edge program was designed as a powerful tool for litigation, negotiation and jury selection.

Keynote Speaking: Energize your speaking engagement and receive a standing ovation. You are responsible for the response you get. Get the response you desire every time!

Let’s discuss your goals and how we can work together to achieve them. We can tailor our programs to support your needs, goals, schedule and budget. Call 770-913-0400.


Public Workshop: We occasionally offer workshops for the public to accommodate those who are not covered by a corporate umbrella.

These workshops are for anyone who want to be their best in whatever endeavor they embark upon. Whether it be to build skills in leadership, public speaking, giving presentations, for sales calls, cold calls, working in customer service or for executive meetings. This is a learning opportunity that is life lasting!

Tomorrow is not as promising as today to learn about your personal mechanism and how to work it perfectly for you to achieve your goals.

If you would like to be contacted about our public workshops, please leave contact information. (This information is used strictly to contact you for our workshops)