Keynote Speaking


In addition to Luanne Faulkender consistently giving a great show, Ms. White’s audiences get usable, life-changing information they will employ immediately. Subjects include:

Luanne2009-medClaim Your Potential: Take a unique tour of “your personal control room” and play with it. Pull your levers, push your buttons, ring your bells, blow your whistles, and get a standing ovation!

Your Communication DNA: How you take-on information is how you give it. Your style is one of six. Once you know them, you can engage anyone! Making a sales call? You had better know their Communication DNA.

Energyspeak: Your most powerful language. Know it and speak it well! Connect and breathe life into your performance every time!

Lead, Lead and Lead: It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3! What’s the denominator for followers and for leaders? The HOW and now you have it!

Robber Barons and Baronesses: Is intimidation and conflict playing out in your work place? Are you and your associates being robbed of a positive playground. You have the power to change the playing rules and boost production.

And more…
She addresses enormously diverse groups and she also speaks on a variety of topics geared to specific career concerns.

Ms. White’s keynote speeches fit into any time frame, and you may request speeches from a half hour in length to any length your format requires. No location is too far and no group immune to her unique charm and the power of her information.

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