1. The Principle of Performance Energy

a. Objectives
b. Demonstrations, Exercises

2. Paradigms

a. The Lesser (Unpotentialized ) Self
b. The Best (Potentialized) Self

3. Learning-Lines

a. The Six Natural Communication Sequences (NCS)
b. Stories and Examples
c. Characteristics
d. Objective: how to communicate with
another Learning-Line for maximum impact

4. The Non-verbal Language

a. EnergySpeak®

b. Principle: Energy Placement
c. Placement Exercises
d. Activation

e. Exercises

5. The Best-Self

a. Discussion
b. Exercises

6. Technical Skills

a. Subtext
b. Power Positions
c. Editing for the Audience’s Ear
d. Builds and Pauses
e. Flip Charts, Overheads, etc.

f. Exercises

7. Preparation

a. Vamping

b. Crutches

8. Access

a. Individual Coaching
b. Group Discussion
Attendees are to bring a presentation for critique and coaching